Wokingham mother acquitted of burning children with hot spatula

The mother, who we have decided not to name due to a section 45 order protecting her children’s anonymity, was on trial at Reading Crown Court last week charged with two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

It was the prosecution’s case that on December 11, 2021 the mother heated a spatula up on the hob while cooking and burnt her two young boys with it in attempts to stop them from fighting.

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The crown said that the spatula would need to have been held on the skin for a ‘sufficient time’ to cause the level of injury caused to the children.

However, the mother said that she had not intended for the spatula to actually touch the boys and was only trying to ‘scare’ them.

The mother told a police officer: “I took the spatula out of the drawer and I had it on the hob for a just a few…I had no intention of hurting him, I would not do that to my baby.”

A twelve-strong jury found the mother not guilty on both counts after a weeklong trial.

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